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ring, 14kt W.G. Princess White Sapphire Engagement Solitiare Ring



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SO squareshiney...very squarehard squareget squarea squaregood squarepicture. squareBut squarehere squareit squareis.Set squarein square14kt squarewhite squaregold square4 squareprong squaresetting. squareCan squarebe squaremade squarein squareyellow squaregold squarealso.This squareis squarea squareSri squareLankan(Ceylon) square1.96ct squareWhite squareSapphire. squareMeasures square7x7mm square squareColorless square squarenormal squareheat squareonlyNatural squareSapphire.Color squareDClarity squareVVS/IFSapphires squareare squarenext squareto squarethe squarehardness squareof squarea squarediamond.Diamond squarebeing squarea square10 squareand squaresapphire squarebeing squarea square9 squareon squarethe squareMohn squareScale squarefor squarehardness. squareSo, squareWhy squareBuy squareA squareDiamond?This squarehas squareall squarethe squarelooks squareof squarea squarediamond squarefor squarea squarefraction squareof squarethe squarecost.Made squareto squarefit..This squaresapphire squareis squarenot squarewhite, squareit squareis squarevery squareclear. squareCan squarenot squareget squareany squarebetter squarethan squarea square"D" squarecolor.Layaway squareavailable.

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