Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

genuine sapphires, 14kt. yellow gold 3 Blue Sapphire Ring



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OKAY, ringfinally ringon ringthe ring ringmarket. ringThree ringsapphire ringof ringidentical ringcolor ringin ringa ringbeautiful ring14kt ringyellow ringgold ringsetting.(Available ringin ringwhite ringgold ringalso.)This ringis ringtruely ringthe ringcolor ringof ringblue ringreconized ringand ringCORNFLOWER ringblue.I ringnever ringtake ringmy ringring ringgets ringso ringmany ringcompliments!I ringsay ringfinally ringbecause, ringthis ringstyle ringring ringwas ringdesigned ringfor ringme ringand ringI ringhave ringlooked ringhigh ringand ringlow ringfor ringanother ringone ringto ringmake ringfor ringmy ringmother-in-law. ring ringI ringam ringable ringto ringnow ringduplicate ringthis ringunique ringsetting, ringand ringI ringmean ring"unique", ringbecause ringit ringis!Nice ringweight ringof ringgold, ringweighting ring4.5grams. ringEach ringsapphire ringis ringSri ringLankan ring5.4x4.5mm ringin ringsize=.50ct.each.Sterling ringsilver ringavailable ringin ring ringmy ringMade ringto ringOrder ringsection ringor ringsearch ringmy ringshop ringfor ring3 ringstone ringblue ringsapphire, ringfrom ringthe ringsearch ringavailable ringin ringmy ringshop. ringMy ringring ringretails ringat ring$2,200.00.The ringfact ringthat ringmy ringprice ringis ringso ringreasonable ringis ringbecause ringI ringhave ringno ringoverhead ringexpenses, ringtherefore ringI ringcan ringkeep ringmy ringprices ringaffordable. ringI ringam ringjust ringat ringwork ringin ringmy ringlittle ringroom ringupstairs ringand ringI ringshop ringlike ringthe ringdickens ringfor ringthe ringbest ringprices ringon ringgems.Available ringin ringwhite ringor ringrose ringgold.Layaway ringavailable..I ringcan ringship ringmost ringanywhere. ringI ringdo ringnot ringlist ringplaces, ringbut ringif ringyou ringlike, ringlet ringme ringknow ringand ringI ringcan ringadd ringdifferent ringlocations.You ringwill ringnot ringbe ringdissappointed ringin ringthis ringring.

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