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sterling silver, Sterling Silver Wedding/Engagement Band



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This bandantique bandstyle band bandsterling bandsilver bandband bandhas band15- band1.5mm bandGenuine bandWhite bandSapphires.Color bandDClarity bandVV/IFOrigin bandof bandthese bandSapphires bandare bandSri bandLanka.Very bandnice bandweight bandof bandsilver. bandVery banddurable. bandRhodium bandCoating bandfor bandkeep bandthe bandshine bandand bandprotect bandthe bandsilver. bandWill bandnot bandtarnish bandwith bandthis bandcoating.This bandband bandcomes bandin band14k bandor band18kt bandYellow, bandWhite bandor bandrose bandgold bandat bandthe bandmarket bandprice.Matching bandengagement bandring bandavailable bandin bandthe band"Made bandto bandOrder" bandsection bandof bandmy bandshop.Listing bandis bandan bandAshley bandEngagement bandRingLayaway bandavailable.

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