Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

women, 14kt White Sapphire Pendant 1ct.



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This roundbeautiful roundnormal roundheat roundonly roundSapphires roundis rounda roundlook-alike roundto rounda rounddiamond...except roundclearer roundand roundshiner roundand roundyou rounddon't roundhave roundto roundpay rounda roundfortune roundto roundhave roundone.Measuring round6mm roundand roundweighting round1.00ct, roundthis roundis roundthe roundperfect roundsubstitute roundfor rounda rounddiamond.Origin: roundSri roundLankaColor roundDClarity roundVVS/IF.The roundMohn roundScale(or roundhardness) roundof rounddiamonds roundare rounda round10, roundthe roundhardness roundof rounda roundSapphire roundis rounda round9.So, roundhere roundit roundlast. roundAnd roundcan roundbe roundset roundin round round round14k roundor round18k roundyellow roundor roundwhite roundgold roundat roundthe round.I roundcan roundship roundmost roundanywhere, roundjust roundlet roundme roundknow roundand roundI roundwill roundadd roundto roundlisting.Shipping roundmay roundbe rounda roundlittle roundmore.Layaway roundavailable. roundJust rounda roundlittle rounddown, roundwill roundget roundyou roundstarted roundon roundyour roundlayaway. roundNo roundfees, roundno rounddeadlines roundand roundyour roundterms.

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