Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage, NOS VTG two side reversible Ecce Homo Passions of Christ & Our Lady of Sorrows Mater Dolorosa St medal Italy religious jewelry unisex gift



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SIZE: medal medal1 medal1/8 medalinches medaltall medalincluding medaljump medalring medaltall medalby medal5/8 medalinches medalwide. medal medalSILVER medalTONE medalNOS medalCONDITION: medal medalin medalgood medalto medalexcellent medalNEW medalOLD medalSTOCK medalvintage medalcondition medalwith medalsome medalpatina. medal medal medalOne medalside medalreads: medal medalMater medalDolorosa medalItaly. medal medalMater medalDolorosa medal medalis medalLatin medalfor medalMother medalor medalSorrows, medalalso medalknown medalas medalOur medalLady medalof medalSorrows medaland medalMater medalDolores). medalThe medalother medalside medalreads medalEcce medalHomo, medalwhich medalare medalthe medalLatin medalwords medalused medalby medalPontius medalPilate medalin medalthe medalVulgate medaltranslation medalof medalthe medalGospel medalof medalJohn, medalwhen medalhe medalpresents medala medalscourged medalJesus medalChrist, medalbound medaland medalcrowned medalwith medalthorns, 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