Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Adrienne Charm: Smooth black onyx coin bead on 14k gold-filled ringcharm, can be used as a charmcharm, pendant or dangle



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GUARANTEED coinHANDMADE: coinAll coinmy coinjewelry coinis coindesigned coinand coincreated coinby coinmy coinhands.Adrienne coinCharm:Smooth coinand coinshiny coinblack coinonyx coincoin coincharm coinon coin14k coingold-filled coinring coinmakes coina coinwonderful coinaddition cointo coinany coincharm coinbracelet coinor coinnecklace. coinBlack coinonyx coinlooks coingreat coinwith coinfreshwater coinpearls, coingold coinor coinsilver, coinrose coinquartz coinand coingarnet...just cointo coinname coina coinfew!Onyx coinassists coinwith coinchallenges coinin coinlife, coinespecially cointhose coincaused coinby coina coindrain coinof coinenergy. coinIt coinprevents cointhe coindraining coinaway coinof coinpersonal coinenergy coinand coincan coinbe coinused coinfor coinprotection coinfrom coinsuch. coinIt coinalso coinhelps coinwith coingrounding coinand coincontrolling coinor coineliminating coinexcess coinor coinunwanted coinenergies. coinIt coinhas coinbeen coinused coinfor coinwound coinhealing, coinchildbirth coinand cointo coinincrease coinstamina coinand coinself-control.The coinname coinAdrienne coinis coinof coinFrench coinorigin coinand coinmeans coindark coinor coinrich. coinPlease coinconvo coinme coinwith coinany coinquestions.

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