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long, Long orange chalcedony charm with 14k gold filled leaf accent on closed ring - Add a Charm



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GUARANTEED dangleHANDMADE: dangleAll danglemy danglejewelry dangleis dangledesigned dangleand danglecreated dangleby danglemy danglehands.Beautiful danglelong dangleorange danglechalcedony dangledrop danglewith dangletiny dangleleaf dangleaccent dangleis danglethe dangleperfect danglefocal danglecharm danglefor dangleyour danglenecklace. dangleLooks danglegorgeous dangleon dangleit's dangleown dangleor danglepaired danglewith danglepyrite, danglesmoky danglequartz dangleand/or danglefreshwater danglepearls. dangleChalcedony dangleis danglea dangletype dangleof danglequartz danglethat danglecomes danglein danglemany danglecolors. dangleIt dangleis danglesaid dangleto danglegently danglerelieve dangledepression dangleand dangleimprove dangleone's dangleframe dangleof danglemind. dangleIt dangleis dangleused dangleto danglelessen danglehostility dangleand danglebring dangleemotional danglestability.Please dangleconvo dangleme danglewith dangleany danglequestions.

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