Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

yellow gold, Dazzling Solid 14k Yellow Gold Natural Opals and Diamond Ring



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HERE giftIS giftA giftDAZZLING giftRING giftDONE giftIN gift14K giftYELLOW giftGOLD giftWITH giftTWO giftOPALS giftAND giftA giftDIAMOND giftACCENT!BOTH giftOPALS giftHAVE giftLOVELY giftCOLOR giftPLAY!These giftcolorful giftopals giftreally giftstand giftout gifton giftyour giftfinger giftand gifteven giftmore giftso giftin giftsunlight!! gift giftA giftsmall giftSparkling giftDiamond giftadds giftto giftthe giftBeauty giftof giftthis giftring.Photos giftjust giftdon't giftdo giftjustice giftto giftthis giftBeauty giftwhich giftis giftsure giftto giftplease! giftSize giftis giftjust giftaround gifta giftsize gift6.25 gifton giftthe giftring giftmandrel giftshown.Marked gift14k giftand giftmakers giftmark giftinside giftthe giftband.FEEL giftFREE giftTO giftASK giftQUESTIONS giftBEFORE giftPURCHASE.All giftour giftitems giftare giftpre-owned giftw giftsigns giftof giftage gift& giftwear giftwhich giftonly giftadd giftto gifttheir giftunique giftcharm!Size giftgiven giftis giftapproximate giftand giftmay giftfit giftU giftdifferent.This giftshop giftdoes giftnot gifttake giftreturns.

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