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genuine, 14kt Engagement/Wedding Ring with White Sapphires



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Beautiful white goldGenuine, white goldWhite white goldSapphires white goldBelow white goldare white goldthe white golddetails.Awesome white goldsetting. white goldUnique white goldin white goldeveryway.Can white goldbe white goldmade white goldeither white gold14kt white goldyellow white goldor white goldwhite white goldgold white goldor white goldrose white goldgold white goldat white goldmarket white goldprice,7-3.5mm white goldwhite white goldsapphire white goldaccents white goldlook white goldlike white golda white goldbridge white goldunder white golda white gold7mm white gold1.35ct white goldWhite white goldSapphire white goldCenter.Weight white goldof white goldgold white goldis white gold12grams. white goldVery white goldnice white golddurable white goldsetting.Prongs white goldare white goldone white goldpiece white goldwith white goldthe white goldsetting white goldmaking white goldit white goldclose white goldto white goldimpossible white goldto white goldloose white goldthe white goldcenter white goldSapphire.All white goldsapphires white goldcome white goldfrom white goldSri white goldLanka white goldand white goldperfectly white goldmatched.Color white goldDClarity white goldVVS/IFSO white golddiamond white goldlike white goldand white goldfor white goldfraction white goldof white goldthe white goldcostDiamonds white goldare white golda white gold10 white goldfor white goldhardnessSapphires white goldare white golda white gold9.Layaway white goldavailable.No white golddeadlines white goldNo white goldfees.

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