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earrings, 2tcw Genuine White Sapphire Earrings



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These genuine sapphires1ct genuine sapphireseach genuine sapphiresgenuine genuine sapphireswhite genuine sapphiressapphire genuine sapphiresearrings genuine sapphiresare genuine sapphiresset genuine sapphiresin genuine sapphiresan genuine sapphiresunique genuine sapphiressterling genuine sapphiressilver genuine sapphiresearring genuine sapphiressetting. genuine sapphiresOrigin: genuine sapphiresSri genuine sapphiresLanka6mm genuine sapphiresin genuine sapphiresdiameter genuine sapphireseachColor genuine sapphiresDClarity genuine sapphiresVVS/IFSo genuine sapphiresvery genuine sapphiresdiamond genuine sapphireslike!!!Layaway genuine sapphiresavailable

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