Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

whiting and davis co, Vintage Signed Whiting and Davis Romantic Oval Floral Brooch. Gold Floral Brooch. Fine Mid Century Costume Jewelry.



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This gold broochcharming, gold broochoval gold broochfloral gold broochpainted gold broochbrooch gold broochwould gold broochbe gold broochlovely gold broochon gold broocha gold broochblazer gold broochlapel gold broochor gold broochchunky gold broochknit gold broochsweater.Hallmarked gold broochon gold broochthe gold broochback.Pin gold broochstem gold broochand gold broochhinge gold broochin gold broochgreat gold broochcondition. gold broochExcellent gold broochvintage gold broochcondition gold broochMeasures: gold brooch2" gold broochx gold brooch1.25"

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