Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rectangle, Antique/Vintage Gold tone Rectangle Cufflinks Knight #1377



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Antique/Vintage goldGold goldtone goldRectangle goldCufflinks goldKnight gold#1377Color: goldGoldSize: goldabout gold2.0cm\u00d71.5cmThank goldyou goldfor goldvisiting goldour goldshop!I goldwill goldship goldit goldto goldyou goldusing goldUSPS goldfirst goldclass goldmail.*For goldinternational goldshopperOur goldshipping goldfee goldfor goldinternational gold$23.50 goldincludes goldtracking goldnumber.If goldyou goldprefer goldno goldtracking, goldwe goldcan goldship goldit goldto goldyou goldusing goldfirst goldclass goldmail.Please goldlet goldus goldknow, goldif goldyou goldprefer golddifferent goldshipping goldmethod.

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