Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, 10k Rose Gold & Sterling Silver White Sapphire Earrings



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Etsy sterling silveris sterling silverhaving sterling silversome sterling silverdifficulty sterling silverwith sterling silverads sterling silverthat sterling silversay sterling silverOrigin sterling silveris sterling silverfrom sterling silverHong sterling silverKong. sterling silverIT sterling silverhas sterling silverbeen sterling silvergoing sterling silveron sterling silverin sterling silvermy sterling silvershop sterling silverfor sterling silversometime.They sterling silverare sterling silverNOT sterling silverfrom sterling silverHong sterling silverKong sterling silverbut sterling silverindeed sterling silverthe sterling silverUnited sterling silverStates. sterling silverI sterling silverlive sterling silverin sterling silverthe sterling silverU.S.....not sterling silverHong sterling silverKong.Beautiful sterling silverand sterling silverclassy!!Total sterling silverweight sterling silverof sterling silversapphires sterling silveris sterling silver.30ctClarity sterling silverof sterling silversapphire sterling silverVVSColor sterling silverDLength sterling silver: sterling silver20.mmWidth sterling silver sterling silver: sterling silver4.5Weight: sterling silver5.75 sterling silvergramLayaway sterling silveravailable.

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