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forest, Recycled Leather Leaf Earrings -Forest Green



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We\u2019ve leafused leafdark leafforest leafgreen leafrecycled leafleather leafto leafmake leafthese leafbeautiful leaflightweight leafearrings. leafEach leafpair leafis leafhand leafcut leafand leafassembled leafin leafmy leafhome leafstudio. leafThey leafdangle leaffrom leafantique leafbrass leaffrench leafstyle leafear leafwires leafand leafwill leafarrive leafon leafan leafearring leafcard leafwith leafclear leafrubber leafbacks. leafMeasurements: leafEarring leafmeasures leaf2 leaf1/2\u201d leaffrom leaftop leafof leafear leafwire. leafLeather leafleaf leafmeasures leaf1 leaf3/4\u201d leaflong leafx leaf1\u201d leafwide.

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