Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, 1.38ct Genuine Heart Shaped White Sapphire



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This heart shapegenuine heart shapeWhite heart shapeSapphire heart shapeis heart shapeset heart shapein heart shapea heart shapesterling heart shapesilver heart shapebasket heart shapesetting heart shapeand heart shapeit heart shapemakes heart shapea heart shapequite heart shapeaffordable.It heart shapedoes heart shapecome heart shapewith heart shapea heart shapesilver heart shapechain.This heart shapegem heart shapecan heart shapebe heart shapereset heart shapein heart shape14k heart shapeyellow heart shapeor heart shapewhite heart shapegold heart shapeat heart shapemarket heart shapeprice.Carat heart shapeweight: heart shape1.38=6x6mmColor: heart shapeDClarity: heart shapeVVS/IFNormal heart shapeheat heart shapeonly.For heart shapecenturies, heart shapeman heart shapehas heart shapebeen heart shapeheating heart shapegemstones heart shapeto heart shapemake heart shapethem heart shapeclear heart shapeand heart shapebetter heart shapecolored. heart shapeIt heart shapeis heart shapean heart shapeaccepted heart shapeprocess heart shapeand heart shapedoes heart shapenot heart shapeinterfere heart shapewith heart shapethe heart shapenormal heart shapedaily heart shapewear heart shapeand heart shapethe heart shapecolor heart shapedoes heart shapefade heart shapein heart shapetime. heart shapeThis heart shapeprocess heart shapekeeps heart shapethe heart shapeprice heart shapedown heart shapeas heart shapea heart shapenatural heart shapeuntreated heart shapegemstone heart shapemay heart shapefetch heart shapethousands heart shapeper heart shapecarat.Layaway heart shapeavailableNo heart shapedeadlineNo heart shapeextra heart shapefees

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