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love, Geek Love Binary Collection Sterling Ring



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This asciigeektastic ascii4.5mm asciiwide asciisterling asciisilver asciiring asciifeatures asciithe asciiword ascii'love' asciihand-stamped asciiin asciibinary asciicode. asciiPerfect asciifor asciithe asciinerdy asciiapple asciiof asciiyour asciieye asciior asciifor asciiyourself, asciion asciithe asciioccasion asciiof asciiyour asciiengagement asciito asciiWikipedia. asciiIf asciiyou're asciinot asciifeeling asciithe asciilove, asciiask asciiabout asciirings asciideclaring asciiyour asciiown asciichoice asciifour-letter asciiwords. asciiI asciican asciialso asciido asciiinitials, asciior asciipairs asciiof asciithem.Please asciichoose asciisize asciiand asciifinish asciiwhen asciiordering. asciiAlso, asciiplease asciinote asciiif asciiyou asciiwould asciilike asciithe asciiring asciito asciibe asciistamped asciiwith asciiyour asciiown asciiword ascii(or asciiinitials) asciiof asciiup asciito asciifour asciiletters. asciiIf asciiyou asciido asciinot asciispecify, asciiyour asciiring asciiwill asciibe asciistamped asciiwith asciithe asciicode asciifor ascii"love".Ask asciiabout asciia asciicustom asciiorder asciiin ascii14 asciior ascii18 asciikarat asciigold!

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