Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, 14ct Moissanite Pendant



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The greenmost greenamazing greenfacets greenand greenso greenbrilliantly greenshine greenand greensparkly...It greenis greentruly greenthe greenbest!Measures green16mm greenand greenweights greenover green14cts..Eye greenclean greenand greenthe greencolors greenare greenamazing greentoo...The greencolor greenis greena greenlight greengreen greenwith greenhints greenof greenblue.Chain greenincludedSet greenin greena greensturdy greenbasket greensterling greensilver greensetting greenbut greencan greenbe greenreset greenin green14k greenyellow greenor greenwhite greenat greenmarket greenprice.Layaway greenis greenavailable greenfor greenthis greenpiece.

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