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14k, Genuine Pink Heart Shape Sapphire Pendant



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This heart shapeadorable heart shapependant heart shapeis heart shapesmall heart shapebut heart shapevery heart shapeflashyGenuine heart shapeheat heart shapeonly heart shapePink heart shapeSapphire heart shapeis heart shape1.00ct heart shapeset heart shapein heart shapesterling heart shapesilver.Your heart shapechoice heart shapeof heart shape16',18',20' heart shape24 heart shapeor heart shape25 heart shapeinch heart shapechain, heart shapefree heart shapeof heart shapechargeEye-clean heart shapesoft heart shapepink.This heart shapesapphire heart shapecan heart shapebe heart shapereset heart shapein heart shape14kt heart shapeyellow heart shapeor heart shapewhite heart shapegold heart shapeat heart shapemarket heart shapeprice.Layaway heart shapeavailable.

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