Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

1980s, Vintage French Earrings ~ Chic Silvertone & Black Rope Effect ~ Clip On ~ 1980s Ear Clips ~ original rubber pads



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Fabulous silver toneVintage silver toneFrench silver toneearrings, silver tone silver tone1980s silver toneFrench silver toneclip-on silver tonein silver tonesilver-tone silver toneand silver toneblack silver tonerope silver toneeffect, silver tonewith silver toneoriginal silver tonerubber silver tonecomfort silver tonepads.Very silver tonechic, silver tonevery silver toneFrench, silver tonevery silver tone1980s!1 silver toneinch silver tonediameter silver tone- silver tonegood silver toneconditionWill silver tonego silver toneFREEPOST silver tonefrom silver toneFrance silver toneby silver tonesimple silver toneletterpost, silver toneno silver tonetracking; silver tone silver toneIf silver toneyou silver tonewant silver tonetracking, silver tonejust silver toneask silver tone- silver tonethere silver toneis silver tonean silver toneadditional silver tonesmall silver tonefee.Proof silver toneof silver toneposting silver tonealways silver toneobtainedthanks silver tonefor silver toneyour silver tonetime!11896/c14/100

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