Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Braceletcameo, bangle with charms and vintage and antique porcelaincameo, pottery cameos with mini tassels



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Bracelet, flowerbangle flowerwith flowercharms, flowerand flowerantique flowerjapanese flowermillefiori flowerbeads flowerand flowercameos flowerwith flowerfragments flowerof flowerold flowerporcelain. flowerEach flowerpiece floweris flowercarefully flowercut flowerby flowerhand flowerand flowerpolished.I'll flowerbe flowerhappy flowerto flowerrealize flowerinternational flowershipping. flowerI flowerdo flowerit flowervery floweroften.Please, flowerfor flowerany flowerdoubt floweror flowerquestion, flowerdon't flowerdoubt flowerto flowerwrite, flowercontact flowerme.Combined flowershipping flowerprice floweravailable flowerfor flowermultiple flowerpurchases.

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