Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ethnic jewelry, Silver ring jewelry claw raw stone garnet green shantilight



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Gem: raw stoneGRENAT raw stoneVERTSILVER raw stoneRINGADJUSTABLE raw stoneRINGBRUTE raw stoneSTONESilver raw stonering raw stoneand raw stonenatural raw stonerough raw stonestone raw stonegreen raw stonegarnet.Ethnic raw stonering raw stonecomposed raw stoneof raw stonesilver raw stone92.5%, raw stonean raw stoneadjustable raw stonesilver raw stonering raw stoneas raw stonewell raw stoneas raw stonea raw stonenatural raw stonestone raw stonein raw stonethe raw stoneraw raw stonestate raw stonecalled raw stoneGreen raw stoneGrenat.The raw stonering raw stoneis raw stoneadjustable raw stonefrom raw stonesize raw stone48 raw stoneto raw stone58.SHANTILIGHT

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