Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

figa, MANO FIGA Amulet Charm Vintage 800 SILVER Protection Talisman Lucky Fico Fist Good Luck



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Greetings.On silveroffer, silveran silverold silvercast silversilver silveramulet silverfor silverluck silverand silverprotection silvercalled silvera silver"Mano silverFiga".The silverhand, silver"mano", silveris silverin silverthe silversign silverof silverthe silverfig, silver"figa", silverwith silverthe silverthumb silverbetween silverthe silverindex silverand silvermiddle silverfingers.This silverFiga silvercarries silverwith silverit silvermultiple silversymbols. silverCircling silverthe silvertop, silverare silveran silveranchor, silverthe silvernumber silver"13", silvera silverfour silverleaf silverclover, silverand silvera silverhorseshoe. silver silver silverIn silveraddition, silverthe silverFiga silveritself silveris silverwearing silveranother silverFiga silveraround silverthe silverwrist!MARKINGS:The silverpiece silverappears silverto silverbe silverstamped silver"800" silveron silverthe silverwrist silverfor silversilver silvercontent. silverI'm silverpretty silversure silverthat's silverwhat silverit silversays.It silveris silverhard silverto silverread, silver silvereven silverwith silvermagnification. silver silver silverSo, silverthis silveris silverhow silverI silverthink silverthat silverstamp silverreads.** silverThis silverFiga silveris silverbright silverand silvershiny. silver silverAs silveryou silvercan silversee, silverthe silverpiece silverhas silverbeen silvergiven silvera silverserious silvercleaning silverand silverpolishing silverby silverthe silverprevious silverowner!Dimensions:About silver silver1 silver3/8", silvernot silverincluding silverthe silverjump silverring.This silveris silvera silversolid silverand silverheavy silverpiece, silverweighing silver8.2 silvergrams. silver silverIt silverretains silverits silveroriginal silverpatina, silverand silvertexture silverthat silvercomes silverfrom silverage silverand silverbeing silverworn.Please silversee silverphotos silverfor silverdetails. silver silverThis silverMano silverFiga silveris silverin silvergood, silvervintage silvercondition. silverReady silverto silverwear! silverI silverwill silverprovide silverit silverwith silvera silverlong silverblack silversilky silvercord, silverin silversmall silverjewelry silvergift silverbox, silverready silverto silverwear silveror silvergive silveras silvera silvergreat silvergift.***PLEASE silverNOTE: silverThis silveritem silverships silveronly silverto silverthe silverUnited silverStates silvervia silverUSPS silverFirst silverClass silverMail. silver silverThis silveritem silverships silveronly silverto silverthe silver48 silverContinental silverStates. silverI silveram silverhappy silverto silvercombine silvershipping silverfor silversmall silveritems silverand silverjewelry silveritems silverin silverthe silverUSPS silverPriority silverMail silverflat silverrate silverbox. silver*******I silveraccept silverpayment silverthrough silverPaypal.Please silverfeel silverfree silverto silverask silverany silverquestions, silverI'll silverbe silverhappy silverto silverreply silver:)Thank silveryou silverfor silvervisiting silvermy silvershop!

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