Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Miriam Haskell necklacesigned vintage, celluloid look slices on padlock style chainsigned vintage, long strand



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Signed haskell necklacevintage haskell necklaceMiriam haskell necklaceHaskell haskell necklacenecklace. haskell necklaceThe haskell necklacenecklace haskell necklacefeatures haskell necklacecelluloid haskell necklacelook haskell necklacedisk haskell necklaceslices haskell necklace(acrylic haskell necklaceor haskell necklacelucite) haskell necklaceand haskell necklacesilver haskell necklacetone haskell necklacepadlock haskell necklacestyle haskell necklacechain haskell necklacelinks. haskell necklaceExcellent haskell necklacecondition, haskell necklaceno haskell necklaceissues. haskell necklaceA haskell necklacereally haskell necklacecool haskell necklacepiece. haskell necklaceEach haskell necklaceslice haskell necklacemeasures haskell necklace1.5" haskell necklacelong, haskell necklacethe haskell necklacenecklace haskell necklaceis haskell necklace28" haskell necklacelong.Ships haskell necklacein haskell necklacea haskell necklacegift haskell necklacebox.I haskell necklacecombine haskell necklaceshipping haskell necklaceon haskell necklacemultiple haskell

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