Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hawaiian inspired, 50s 60s vintage wood look link bracelet



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Vintage wood grain50s/60s wood grainlink wood grainbracelet wood grainwith wood grainfaux wood grainbois wood grain(fake wood grainwood) wood grainlinks wood grainmade wood grainof wood grainhard wood grainplastic. wood grainEach wood grainwood wood grainstyle wood grainpiece wood grainhas wood graina wood grainraised wood grainsurface wood grainand wood grainrealistic wood graingrain wood grainlines. wood grainThey wood grainsit wood grainin wood graina wood grainpale wood graingold wood graintone wood grainsetting. wood grainFold wood grainover wood grainclasp. wood grainExcellent wood graincondition, wood grainno wood grainflaws. wood grainMeasures wood grain1.25" wood grainlong wood grainand wood grain7" wood grainlong. wood grainShips wood grainin wood graina wood graingift wood grainbox.I wood graincombine wood grainshipping wood grainon wood grainmultiple wood

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