Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Hobe flower brooch pinprong set, signed red faceted glassprong set, prong setprong set, painted leaves



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Beautifully faceted glassdetailed faceted glassvintage faceted glassHobe faceted glassbrooch faceted glasswith faceted glassred faceted glassglass faceted glasstones faceted glassand faceted glasspainted faceted glassdetails. faceted glassExcellent faceted glasscondition, faceted glassno faceted glassflaws. faceted glassGlass faceted glasssits faceted glassfirmly faceted glassin faceted glassprongs, faceted glassthe faceted glassgold faceted glassis faceted glassshiny. faceted glassJust faceted glassunder faceted glass2.75" faceted glasslong faceted glassand faceted glassup faceted glassto faceted glass1.5" faceted glasswide.Ships faceted glassin faceted glassa faceted glassgift faceted

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